Black Guys On Valkyries

by Smittychicago

My friend and I recently purchased two Valkyries. We reside on the south side of Chicago and ride everywhere together. The one thing we notice as we get all eyes on our six flat engines,and Harley riders envy is that no other Black guys seem to ride Valkyries.

In my community many of the brothers have Harley's & GoldWings,I know Valkyries didn't sell much to begin with however, there are many people who do have them,in fact enough to have the VRCC and do a annual ride. Even in other countries many people love purchase and ride the Valk.
Many Brothers respect my bike and drool over its customization. my friend and I feel the Valkyrie is a cool bike for brothers in the early 30's & up. We want to make it cool in the hood to be responsible, family oriented and Valkyrie Riders. Why has Harley been able to extend its brand to so many communities even though many of them have constant mechanical issues oil leaks and such that no one wants to acknowledge. People see the valkyrie its great look and Quality and instantly fall in love, yet there's a great conspiracy out there that "only Harley is American made so lets roll with it". I'm not hating on any ones choice of bike, if it has 2 wheels and a powerful engine I salute you, and perhaps its cooler with only a few of us on the road with Valks, I just guess I wanted the Black Valk riders to meet up with all the white valk riders and show the true Colors of America!

Editor's Reply: Amen Brother. I have black friends and we have a black president, and if any of my black friends had motorcycles, I would love to ride with them. In honesty, in El Paso, TX, none of the black people I know ride motorcycles. Thanks for an interesting article.

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