by RhymeFest
(Chicago IL USA)

I just purchased my custom 2000 Valkyrie Interstate 2weeks ago and haven't stopped riding it even in Chicago's blistering cold weather. This bike doesn't like cold weather it has a hard time starting even when left in the garage over night if the temperature is to low. It's an eye catcher all over town and I've found other Valkyrie owners to ride with. All that muscle down the street feels and looks amazing. Sadly I've decided to put the bike up for the winter, although the thought of it is distracting me from my work family and friends. I talk about it like a new born baby. I've decided to sell my 69 Buick Rivierra to make enhancements on my valkyrie this summer.

Editor's Reply: Its nice to know that your priorities put the valk above the Riviera...:)

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