by Guy Schensky
(Coeur d'ALene, ID)

Back in 1972 I was working at a Honda shop in LaGrange IL. One of my buddies and I bought new CT90's and did the set up right from the crate. We then spent six months riding from Chicago to Alaska. 5,700 miles total. It was truly the adventure of a lifetime for a 19 year old.

I seized the engine up twice, broke it loose and it continued to run. The rear sprocket wore out was flipped over and just about rounded by the time we got back.

My buddy still has his bike the last I checked...


ps; Just finished restoring my wife's 1974 CT 90 she rode on the ranch with her sister in high school.

Editor's Note: Wow...Chicago to Alaska on a Honda CT90...amazing. Only a 19 yr old would have the gumption to try an amazing feat like that. Thanks for sharing.

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