About the Silverwing Interstate GL650I...

by Don
(La Vergne, TN)

I HAD one and approximately a year and a half after buying it (brand new-off the showroom floor), the timing chain snapped causing a great deal of internal engine damage. Honda refused to take any blame for it even though I had all of the documentation proving that it went in for routine/scheduled maintenance and oil changes. That soured me on Honda even though I had previosly owned two other Honda models (including a little '76 CB360 that I rode cross country from sunny San Diego to the Jersey Shore). As much as I enjoyed riding that Silverwing, Honda shouldered no blame in the timing chain snafu. Even though it was internal and I had no access to it. So I wound up eating $4500 because I couldn't afford the two grand on up that they wanted to charge me for repairs.

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