!981 Honda CM400A Hondamatic Dream

by Arnold E.Splan Sr.

81 400 was blue,now black

81 400 was blue,now black

I am 60 years old and always had a love for the older Hondas,75-86.My first owned bike( back when I was around 20)was a Bridgestone 175, 4-5 speed.I let it go when I went to the military.

I had a friend that had a 1982 Honda 750 Nighthawk in midnight blue.I loved to ride with him.I finily got my license(age 58)I bought a 79 Honda Goldwing GL1000 to fix up.I got it running and got brave enough to try it out.I could not shift it good(car accident,broke leg years earlier)sold my dream bike and bought a 1981 Honda CM400A Hondamatic with 6300 miles.I love this bike and drive it to work every day its good weather.I have about 90,000 on it now.I am looking to find a way to trike this bike,so my wife can go with me.She was a biker wife,but I am not that steady at stopping and starting.I would like to see a 650 in the Hondamatic in the new bikes.The Hondamatic's are a great and fun bike to drive.Honda bring them back in all sizes.

Editor's Reply...Great story Arnold. Might I mention that you shouldn't try to convert this bike to a trike. Not nearly enough power and a good chance that all the extra weight of the trike will just tear this bike up.

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