2006 Goldwing

by William B Stoner
(Port Huron MI, USA)

Just out of storage

Just out of storage

Just out of storage

Bought new in July 2006, didn't ride much in the last 4 years, still has under 12,000 miles, and original tires! Which are being replaced as we speak, as well as serviced! has the GPS but no ABS! Did a little acces. to it!

Well my story is one day while riding in 2006, came home and parked too close to the edge of driveway and when put my foot down it slipped off the edge of cement and fell over! I'm trying to hold it up and my girlfriend is just sitting in the seat with her head pointing forwards, like she is still on the road, with her feet still on the floor boards! So I kind of ask her do you mind getting off so I can stop not letting this bike hitting the ground! Her response was that I told her not to get off the bike until she tells me she is! I guess she like the bike too much and didn't want to get off!

Editor's reply: Interesting. I had a similar situation with my daughter on the back but i yelled "lean to the left quickly" and luckily she responded and we were able to shift weight quick enough to keep the bike up.

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