My 2006 Ford Mustang Shelby Clone will stimulate your senses with it's beautiful style and lines. And it will move you too with it's excellent performance and handling. This Filly was done right.

The engine is basically a stock 2006 GT Mustang engine 4.6L HO V8 with the addition of a High Performance SCT Tuner. Probably putting out about 335 HP vs the Standard GT putting out about 300. It also has amazing sounding (and expensive) Bassini Pipes to enhance the sound and image of the car. 

It has all the right logos to simulate the Shelby along with the rear window louvers and even the correct gas filler. Special GT Wheels. The paint is virtually flawless...IT'S INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL.

Oh and the tires will be BRAND NEW effective on or about 11/04 (Thursday). I had to special order them.

The Interior is in beautiful shape as well. No cracks on the dash. Upholstery looks good. The car was garaged and maintained beautifully.

The manual 5 speed transmission is the slickest shifting tranny I've ever used. The throw is so short you barely have to move the shifter...too cool.

Miles on the odometer are only at 84955 at the time of this posting. The engine is totally tight and there are no oil leaks or any other types of leaks

I am trading this beautiful car for a beautiful 2009 Honda Goldwing 1800 (Loaded) and favorite color on a Goldwing. An equitable trade for both of us. 

Thanks for looking.

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