I am proud to offer my friend's very special 2003 Yamaha Roadstar Limited SilverEdition 1600 motorcycle for sale. Dripping with extra chrome and options...the new owner is going to be smiling about this one.



Mileage on the bike at the time of this posting is about 20700..and is subject to a bit of an increase as the bike is still being ridden. There are many years of good riding ahead on this beautiful motorcycle

Everywhere you look there is extra chrome and options...seems like each time you look you find more. Extra engine chrome....special custom grips....star light visors.....beautiful chrome everywhere.

Even the exhaust system is special..it being Supertrapp straight pipes...good looking chrome....great sound....LOUD....LOUD....LOUD.

This is the very special Limited Silver Edition model of the Roadstar Series. Nice Stuff.

Even the seats are special..high $$ Corbin seats front and rear.

The bike even has an XM radio (requires subscription) as well as a drinkholder.

So many chrome options and goodies...see if you can spot them all in the following pictures.