Check out my amazing 2000 Yamaha Royalstar Cruiser...Under 1900 original miles...Looks and Rides Like New. Totally Awesome.

For those that know the Yamaha Royalstar Motorcycle. This is a 4 cylinder water cooled bike that is famous for going 150000-200,000 miles without requiring major work. Extremely reliable...and they look GREAT. The pictures speak for themselves.



About the only thing wrong with the bike is that it needs new tires...these being the originals which are about 13 years old. Plenty of tread but obviously starting to crack. If I keep the bike, I'll be replacing them for sure. If anybody else buys it, I recommend you do this immediately.

Oh, the bike had a nice set of leather luggage bags which were stolen at an Albuquerque, NM bike show. The seats are really nice Corbin seats.