My 2000 Plymouth Prowler is a Contemporary Classic. Very Limited Production-Only 5000 ever made. A great automobile investment...appreciating every year in leaps and bounds.

This car turned out to be one of the best automobile investments I have ever made...PROBABLY THE BEST. It led to the acquisition of the "Gomad Nomad" and resulted in some incredible trades through the "Gomad".

As you may already know, the Plymouth Prowler was produced in both the Chrysler and Plymouth Names for 5 years with a total production of only 1000 per year. So there were only 5000 Prowlers ever made. How many have you seen in your town?


My 2000 Plymouth Prowler without mincing words is "BADASS", both in terms of looks as well as performance. It features an amazing suspension coupled to a 3.5 Mercedes V6 with a 4 speed overdrive automatic transmission. This particular vehicle also has a performance chip added for some extra pop.

The V6 provides decent fuel economy but make no bones about it, this baby gets up and goes.

And as you can clearly see, this incredible 2000 Plymouth Prowler is a Roadster, meaning it's a convertible so you can drive top up or top down. Nice. And it looks amazing in both modes.

Getting in and out of the car is not extremely easy nor is it extremely hard. The previous owner was an older big guy, probably about 270 lbs and about 6' 2". He had a bit of trouble getting in and out. I'm 5' 10" and had a hip replacement and I'm having no trouble with ingress and egress.

But once inside, there is an amazing amount of legroom, and I mean amazing. Both driver and passenger even if you're tall can extend your legs to a fully locked extended position. 

And once inside, the luxury abounds. A sumptious comfortable leather interior. Great AC and heat. Great stereo. Of course a drinkholder. And it looks so cool inside too.

It also has an awesome option of being able to shift your automatic transmission manually (without a clutch pedal of course) for optimum performance on those few times you decide to show off.  Or of course it can be used as a regular automatic, just let the tramsmission do all the work.

The previous owner decided to have the beautiful exposed front suspension chromed...what an awesome touch. Beautiful.

And the frontal view of the car personally reminds me of an incredibly strong shark. Incredible styling.

Another incredible and unique feature is that the fenders turn with the front wheels as you're making a turn.  Different for sure and TOTALLY COOL.

The tires are "No Flat" tires that are virtually new and should you have a flat, you can go approximately 100 miles so you can either get it repaired or replaced without having to call a tow truck. And there are built in air pressure monitors in the wheels.  Nice.

And talk about a Great Butt...check this one out. JLO would be envious of this Baby.....for sure.

At this point in time, I'm not looking to sell this Beauty. Just wanted to share the view with my readers.

I might consider a trade for an exceptionally nice 1930's or 1940's streetrod as I love the style of those decades. 

But it better be nice.

Maybe an exceptionally nice Boss Hoss Trike would be considered as well.

And as usual, I can be reached at 915-276-1505 

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