This Rare 2000 Valkyrie Interstate is barely broken in with 5833 miles on the clock. As many of you know, these fine machines are capable of going 200,000 miles and still be running strong with proper maintainance and care. This is one of the LOWEST MILEAGE Valkyrie Interstates you will ever see.

She has the rarest and most desired of all the Valkyrie color schemes, this being the beautiful Illusion Blue and Silver 2 Tone paint. The blue shifts from blue to purple tints depending on how the light hits it. It's AWESOME.



The paint is glossy and the chrome gleams. She really looks great. She has never been dropped or put down. The tires are Dunlop Elite 3 series and have loads of tread left and are in great shape. She is quiet and strong and handles surprisingly well for a bike of this size. She has an am/fm radio for your listening pleasure and there is an intercom for helmet listening and talking to your riding companion if you have wired helmets.

With a dual headlight system and triple disc brakes, she is safety minded too besides being beautiful.

Honestly, in my opinion, there is no finer touring motorcycle or motorcycle in general than the Honda Valkyrie......PERIOD. It's capable of going more miles than virtually any other motorcycle (or any vehicle for that matter) with amazing comfort, Uncanny Smoothness, and Power To Spare. This Beauty is Ready To Roll and is just waiting to take you into the sunset.