1st and Only Suzuki

by Joe Walsh

Bought my 1st and only Suzuki in 1976 a GT-550 Lemans . A very under rated 2-Stroke Street Bike . Rather interesting within design as a 3 cylinder Ram Air (cylinder cooling) and 4-pipe exhaust . Also had a very nice 6-speed transmission. The oil injection cci I believe , was flawless and smoking was unnoticeable , except upon start up. I used this bike for just over a year before selling to my Younger Brother . Was no Giant killer within performance in comparison to the two 500 Triple Kawa's that I owned but was quite a comfortable mid class touring unit for the time in comparison to the CB 750 which I later purchased. All this for $1000.00 with only 3,000 original miles . Now that's a Deal !

Editor's Reply: Well Joe, good to see you again. And it's apparent we're of the same age bracket based on the bikes we have had fun with. Thanks again for your contribution and for visiting my site. Yup, the GT550 was and probably still is a great bike.

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