My 1999 Valkyrie Interstate Trike Looks Great, Runs Great, and Rides Great. And It's For Sale.

This is a Motor Trike Conversion. Nicely equipped with rear air suspension, EASY STEER TRIPLE TREE, Rider Cobra Floorboards and Highway Floorboards as well. Various chrome Valkyrie aftermarket bling pieces....Nice.

This is not a closet queen trike. It was owned by an older gentleman who rode it on long distance trips (highway) and took care of it. Maintenance was done by the local Honda dealer. Miles on the clock is currently at 78234. There may be a few more miles at the time of sale as I'm still riding it. It runs and rides PERFECTLY.

Please don't let the mileage discourage your purchasing the trike. Valkyries are famous for easily going 150,000-200,000 miles and still be running strong. Remember, the Valkyrie motor is an automotive based 6 cylinder water cooled engine. They last forever.

There are some scratches here and there. It's not showroom perfect but for the year, it's in excellent shape.

There's a dent on the top left side of the tank from a helmet that was dropped on it. You can see it on the picture above this caption.

There are some scratched on the right side cover (brake side). Small scratches here and there but overall, a stunning machine.

Again, it has Easy Steer Installed. Makes a huge difference in the handling of the trike. Most trikes have a low speed shake that if you ever let go of the handlebars, it would just about throw you like a bucking bronco. This trike is stable at all speeds.

I will include a Portable Midland CB/WEATHER Radio wired for use with a wired helmet. A nice bonus.  Of course, it has the standard AM/FM Stereo Radio that comes with the Valkyrie Interstate with remote controls on the left side of the handlebars.

I also will be providing the new owner with a HEAVY DUTY LOCK ON DISC that locks onto the front brake rotor (either one) and prevents the bike from being rolled for theft security when parked in an unsecured area

It has a nice set of American Racing Wheels in the rear with Michelin tires that are in good shape. The front tire is in need of replacement but if the asking price of the trike is met, I will replace the tire brand new with no additional charge to you.

It has the stock Valkyrie Interstate Exhaust with only the ends being different so that they look cool on the trike. Overall a quiet exhaust with just a bit of tone to accommodate the strong look of the trike.

And with the rear top box and trunk, there is plenty of cargo space in the trike. Also, there is a luggage rack on top of the rear box for lighter items.

And it has the really cool dual headlight setup that has always set the Valkyrie Interstate apart. And of course they do wonders for being seen and for your own night vision while riding.

The seats are stock Valkyrie Touring Seats, comfortable for both rider and passenger. And they are in excellent shape. No rips or tears and no brittleness.

It has a really nice Iron Horse Tank Bib with 2 separate small bags.

  The trike is being traded for another trike that I've had my eyes on for a long time. I'll be posting this exchange trike once I have it home and have time to take some decent 

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