This Suzuki Bandit is 1200cc's of water cooled power...quick...comfortable...a great sport tourer for the price. And with only 5897 original miles, it will be making you smile for quite some time.

The seat is a high quality aftermarket seat, comfortable and looks good. I believe it is a custom covered Corbin.

These bikes have a reputation of being very reliable and they have pretty darn good power for their size. They can get up into the upper stratosphere speedwise if you're a thrill seeker and can cruise comfortably at any speed you wish to go. The engines are torquey and have over 100hp. 

This particular bike has only 5897 original miles at the time of this posting and should provide years or riding pleasure to its new owner. There probably will be some more miles on the bike when you buy it but not that many.

The bike is owned by my buddy Zach who lives in the Houston TX general area. 


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