My 1998 Honda Valkyrie is as nice as it get. "THE BEST OF THE BEST". Paint and chrome looks new. It's amazing actually. And nicely equipped. Low Miles too....BEST OF ALL...IT'S FOR SALE.

My 1998 Honda Valkyrie has only 26128 original miles at the time of this posting, on an engine that is famous for going 1500-200k miles and still be running strong. This beautiful bike is barely broken in.

The bike is in INCREDIBLE CONDITION. Words can't really explain how perfect the paint and chrome is....


And it's loaded too. Check out the hard locking "Leather-Lyke" bags and the cool looking truck stack exhaust. Sounds as good as it looks.

Might as well take note of the studded seat too as well as the passenger backrest. Oh, please note the custom rear directional signals as well...NICE.

The Native American Motif is awesome as well. Artistically Beautiful and maybe meaningful as well. I have been told it's "one of a kind" although I have no way of proving or disproving this. I just know it looks spectacular and fitting on the bike.

Everywhere you look there are beautiful custom touches. The front brake reservoir cap the to radiator cap....custom touches abound. Even the brake pedal is special and let's not forget those very rare and expensive Cobra Rider Floorboards.

Everything about the bike is Exceptional...First Class. And that's how you'll feel when you're riding it and people at staring at your beautiful bike.

Built around a pumped up Gold Wing engine, the Honda Valkyrie certainly carries it's own special character. I call it a Gold Wing engine "ON STEROIDS".

The large displacement engine is fed by six separate 28mm CV carbs, the cam timing is more radical, red line is higher, and the cruiser uses a more free flowing six-into-six exhaust system which produces an exhaust note all its own.

Valve adjustment is by screw and lock-nut adjusters, camshafts are belt driven and the alternator pumps out a whopping 546 watts.

The 1997 and 1998 models had the most horsepower with a slight diminishing of hp as the years went up. But it was basically indistinguishable to the average rider. The early models had about 100hp with the later models leaning more toward 95hp. But all models were very strong and enjoyable.

The bike is located in El Paso, TX and as usual, I can be reached at 915*276*1505 should you have questions. This bike is one of the nicest Valkyries I have had the pleasure of owning and it's ONE OF THE NICEST I HAVE EVER SEEN.....PERIOD

The bike has found a new home in Mexico.