This 1995 Honda Goldwing Champion Trike is as nice as they come. And with under 8000 original total miles on the bike and under 10 miles on the trike conversion, it barely is broken in.

Some of you would recognize the bike the Trike started as. It was my Goldwing and I sold it not too long ago to a gentleman and friend Roy Tinsley. Roy's wife had passed away and her last wish was that Roy ride motorcycles again as they used to love riding together so much. So Roy purchased the Goldwing which was in perfect shape. Roy is an elderly gentleman and upon purchasing the bike he realized it was too heavy for him and he couldn't handle it. So after a bit of deliberation, he had it triked by H&W Honda in Marshall, Texas. Roy lives in Longview, Texas. Roy honestly has invested over $24,000 in this package.

Roy immediately came to find out that he can't get on or off the trike without extreme difficulty and pain due to his rhumatoid arthritis. He hasn't even put 10 miles on the trike. He needs to sell it and he's willing to negotiate the price of this amazing machine. Again, the original bike has less than 8000 miles on it. And this trike was done right.