My 1988 BMW M6 is as nice as you will ever find. Very low miles for the year and really clean inside and out. Only two owners and a perfect CarFax report. Don't miss out on this one.

What a beautiful body style. To me, it's one of the most classic and gorgeous body styles ever made; European, Japanese, or American. What a stylish car.

As this was a true performance car, it was only available in a 5 speed manual transmission. At the time of production, it was one of the 10 fastest production cars you could buy for top speed. The top speed on the M6 is about 155 mph.

This is a very low production car..virtually exclusive. Only 5855 were made total from 1983-1989 with only 1767 being sold in North America. So this car will only become rarer and more valuable with time.

The Color is what I would call Midnight Illusion Blue.

I think BMW calls it Royal Blue Metallic.

The reason I would call is Illusion is that depending on the light, it often looks purplish to me.

The price of the car back in 1988 was about $

This is a rust free example of the breed...almost impossible to find in this condition. It spent its entire life in dry dry El Paso, Texas where we average only about 4 inches a year in a good year. It only had 2 owners, both being prominent doctors in the El Paso area. The car was maintained and cared for at a high level.

Both the paint and the interior are in excellent condition for the year.

The car is totally loaded with dual air conditioning (front and rear). The AC works so well it will literally freeze you out of the car. The heat is excellent too though in El Paso it's usually not  It has electric windows and door locks. Has a really nice Pioneer Premier Mosfet radio...50w x 4. And it has a nice cd player in the trunk. And the car is so quiet while driving you can almost hear yourself whisper.

The car has never been in any kind of accident...not even minor. Again, it has to be one of the cleanest BMW M6's available.

Miles on the clock at the time of this posting is a super low 77107. And these engines are famous for easily exceeding 250,000 miles and still be running strong.

The interior is in excellent condition for the year. It is not flawless. There is a small tear in the passenger door panel. There is some discoloration on the driver side arm rest and door panel. The dashboard has 2 cracks  But for the year, it's amazing. And these flaws can be repaired easily and inexpensively to make the car virtually perfect.

The engine is strong, quiet, and smooth. Did I say strong....let me is STRONG. It has never been detailed.

This is a totally HONEST car.

What you see is what you get.

If I was the buyer, I would rather buy this car then a car where everything was detailed and repainted. In that scenario, you really don't know what is underneath all the repaint.

This car would easily be my preference if I was looking for an 1980's BMW M6. 

What a sexy car. Don't miss out on this collectible that will assuredly increase in value each year as long as you maintain its current condition. The sky is the limit.

Here's the ID plate on the inside door sill for you to review.

Tires are beautiful new Continentals and check out these awesome wheels.