1981 Honda 400A

by Ed Powers
(Wabash, In.)

Hi Richard,

When I sent you a pic of my 81 Honda 400a I didn't realize you were going to post it on your website. It wasn't a very good pic, I was simply asking you how much you thought it may be worth. Today I pulled my bike out in the driveway and took a couple better pics of it and I'm hoping you will post these. Thanks a lot for your interest, I appreciate it. You said it may be worth $1000 to $2500. Permit me to say that I would accept $2500 but wouldn't even consider $1000. Maybe these pics will give you a better idea of it's value. As I told you before, I'm 62 and do not intend to ride anymore so... if anyone who frequents your cool site is interested, they would have to pick it up in Wabash, Indiana. Thanks again for your interest and your site. Ed Powers / Wabash,IN.

Editor's Reply: Hi Ed, sure I will post this article with the pics...thanks. Why don't you respond with a comment that includes your phone number so people can contact you. And I am posting your email address here so people can get a hold of you that way...hopefully that's ok with you: edpowers2@frontier.com

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