1981 CM 400 A

by Jim Ferguson
(Bellvue, Colorado)

I purchased the bike from the original owner in 2010. He was an older gentleman and very seldom rode it. He dropped the bike in his driveway one day and sort of lost confidence in riding it after that. It was stored for many years until I purchased it. I live in the mountains and ride it mostly to the mailbox or to the coffee shop. The bike now has 1500 miles on it! Really! I would post a photo but it is similar to the bike in the story. Same paint, etc. I have always enjoyed things that were a little unusual and this bike certainly qualifies. I recently took a 2 day class to renew my motorcycle validation here in Colorado. The instructor asked everyone in the class what kind of bikes we owned. When I told him about mine he said he had ridden one and described it as the most anemic motorcycle ever. I suppose I should have been offended, but I wasn't. I think it is cool and don't really like riding fast anymore anyway. I have let several folks ride it on our private road that had never ridden a bike before. It's fun to see the smiles on their faces after their first ride. Great beginners bike. Perhaps with CVT transmissions becoming popular in the auto industry we might see some new "Hondamatics" in production.

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