1980hondamatic cm 400a

by Williamjones
(Pulaski va)

I own a hondamatic it's a cm400a it SAT for 15years I done some traden to get it I was realy curious if I could get it running IV always tinkered with bikes IV Owens a lot of bikes I never heard of a bike like this long story short I got it running and after a few adjustments it ran realy well for days I played with it fixed this adjusting that and I got were I was liken how it rode and handled then my stator whent out I done some resurch and I found out that the stator is so hard to find around my area I did find one but I can't afford it that's the only thing from holding my bike from running so if anybody has one that's not really high and want to sale it give me a call at 540-641-0272 thanks for taking time to read my story

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