My 1950 Chevy Nomad Woody is the culmination of 6 1/2 years of thinking and engineering and 3600 hours of intense Labor and Love.

I CALL IT THE "GOMAD NOMAD". Because everytime I see the car it drives me crazy

My 1950 Chevy Nomad Woody is without a doubt unequaled in the thinking and engineering that went into its construction. And No Expenses were spared. Only the best components were used in the hand built construction of this gorgeous automobile.

As I'm sure many of you car experts probably know...


So I'm sure this had to get your attention.  This car was totally custom built from the intense artistry that went into the concept of the car to every body panel and nut and bolt that physically completed the car. Virtually every body panel is custom built or a complete revamping and tweaking of an original body panel. It's INCREDIBLE, and that's a definitive understatement.  

This is a car that I believe would even amaze and intrigue Jay Leno who is a supreme automobile collector.  If any of you readers know Mr Leno or how to get a hold of him, it is almost your duty to make him aware of this incredible machine.

All components are Top Notch cutting corners or expenses on this beauty.

From its Crate Iroc Z 305ci motor to its Crate 4 speed overdrive automatic transmission...only the best went into this car.  The best cooling components, the best AC components, the best's truly incredible.

Even the clamshell hood is totally custom that opens similar to some of the more expensive European sports cars.

I could go on for days about all the incredible machine work and custom part making that went into this to the point of boredom.  I have actually prepared some brochures that explain it all to the qualified buyer.

And speaking of great engines, check out the amazing engine compartment of this stunning custom.  Again, only the best. And it looks the best too.

The interior is sumptious and gorgeous, reflecting the quality of the rest of the car. And the swivel bucket front seats are the icing on the cake

And what defies description is the headliner made up of red oak tambour. It's beyond belief and so astoundingly beautiful.  Check this out.  You can also see some of this incredible woodwork in the center console in the photo above.


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