1800 goldwing Trike

by Gloria/Dave

Never thought we would have the chance to own one, we bought our first Trike February 9, 2009, what a beauty it was, White Mother Pearl, with Purple Air Wings, we visited this Honda Dealer many times and just drulled over the Trikes. Well after about the 10th time of visiting this Honda Dealer, guess what, we rode home this 1800. She shined like Gold, as i drove the truck, and Hubby was in front of me, riding the Trike. well, it wasn't long and we added this then that, now as we look at what we have, it makes us or should say me, CRY, for it is even more awesome then the day we bought it. But life deals us the cards, and we don't chose what cards we want. But after almost 3 years this coming February, we have to sell her. Hubby can't drive any more, and it's tearing us apart, but I need him more then the bike, it's material, and he or my Hubby is my life. but as i said it's for sale, and it needs a loving caring home as we gave it, yes i talk of it as if it's alive, well the life it gave us in all we seen, that was life. so anyone who is looking for a awesome care for Trike, we have one with trailer and many features and assessories as well.


P.S. I hope the owner of this site not mind this article.

Editor's Note: The owner is asking $29,000 for this trike. Perhaps that will shed some light on the subject.

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