06 Suzuki M-50 ( 800cc) with Inder sidecar

by Gary
(Gatineau/Ottawa, Canada)

A couple of years ago I decided to add a sidecar to my motorcycle.

I bought an Inder classic bullet sidecar and had it adapted to my bike.

Inder is the sidecar made by Royal Enfield for their motorcycles and is therefore designed for a smaller motorcycle such as the 1 cylinder 500 cc Royal Enfield, and so it suits my bike quite well.

I can't say that it lost much of pick up and power since I added the sidecar and performs quite well.

However I must say quite frankly that the quality of the unit itself is very poor, and I would never recommend anyone to buy one of these sidecars.

My experience with it has been full of problems at first and the sidecar developed all sorts of problems right from very early on.

First off, the headlamp didn't even last a month, and I had to replace the entire headlamp unit.

Then a crack on the upper frame appeared out of nowhere for no apparent reasons and needed some welding work to repair.
Then a crack on the floor of the sidecar appeared and I needed to put a metal plate down and reattach the box to the frame.

Then the spoke wheel started to come apart and get loose because of spokes braking.

I bought another original wheel from Royal Enfield but shortly after I decided to change the wheel for an adapted trailer wheel which is a full body wheel and smaller in size, therefore lower to the ground but with a bigger tire. In order to do this, we had to also change the axle on the sidecar to adapt the new wheel. (by the way the picture shown is prior to this change and is showing the original spoke wheel.)

Ultimately the biggest problem was simply the attachment of the sidecar to the motorcycle. The whole thing had to be re-done completely from scratch with a new set of bars and a subframe attached to the motorcycle frame in 3 places plus two more upper attachments. The steering damper turned out not to be necessary and we didn't put any, and the handling is quite good as is, without steering damper.

Of course there is also a few small details such as the cover for the sidecar with is of very poor quality. I plan on getting something made of better real leather quality.

The tail light on the sidecar is also, just that ! A tail light, period without brake light, which I think is pretty cheap and I plan on installing another tail/brake light on it.

After working out the main problems out of it, the whole rig turns out to be pretty cool and rides much better since I had the attachments re-done and the wheel changed.

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Nov 25, 2014
sidecar quality (or lack therof)
by: Richard

Gary, thanks for your submission. Yup, there is no getting around quality or the lack thereof. Lack of quality means headaches, expenses, and possibly under the worse of conditions, a loss of safety. These manufacturers should be ashamed. It's not like they give their stuff away. All too often, they charge updown prices and in return give us stuff that is shoddy in quality and oftentimes down right dangerous. I'm sorry you have experienced these issues. Has anybody else had similar problems with Inder or Royal Enfield products?


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